Worship Leadership Minor

Without a doubt, worship is one of the most dynamic areas of ministry today. In the past, worship was considered as being synonymous with music. Fortunately, this presumption is fading as so many churches and pastors recognize that a convergence is taking place between musicians, preachers, filmmakers, actors, architects, artists, graphic designers, and even novelists. Today, authentic Christian worship is multifaceted.

At Northwest Nazarene University, we have designed our Worship Leadership program with that convergence in mind. Our desire is to empower a new generation of worship leaders who link:

  • Mind and heart;
  • Understanding and imagination;
  • Proposition and image;
  • Clarity and mystery:
  • Explanation and narrative; and
  • Exposition and artistic expression.

We encourage our Worship Leadership students to become familiar with a broad menu of worship elements, including course offerings by our Music and Mass Communications faculty.

If your heart resonates with a passion to see people transformed in worship, then I would love to talk with you. As the advisor for our Worship Leadership students, I encourage you to explore our site and let me know how I can help.

Brent Peterson